To put a new spin on an old saying, "images are everything." In today's world, the images you choose to represent you will play a huge role in defining you and your business for the consumer public. I'm here to help you create those images, whether they be part of a sales presentation, a video production or just headshots for your website or social media profile. For all your business and commercial image needs, I'd love to help you realize your vision.



I am a DFW-based photographer and video producer with 28 years of experience in visual communications including photography, video production and graphic design. I'm a graduate of the University of North Texas, majoring in journalism/PR, and spent the first 23 years of my career working for corporations in the sectors of engineering, architecture, aerospace and defense. I'm now an independent contractor serving a diverse clientele in corporate and commercial work, real estate, architecture, project documentation photography and video, head shots and executive portraits. If your business has a need for creative capture and production of quality imagery, I can help.


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